Sample Interview Follow-Up Thank You Letter


Sample Interview Follow-up Thank you Letter
Interviewing Handout # 11
Miles Westchester
1234 New York Avenue
Plattsburgh, New York 12903
March 21, 2003
Ms. Katrina Beardsley
Vice President
Alpha Advertising
4567 Arizona Avenue, Suite 17
Plattsburgh, New York 12901
Dear Ms. Beardsley:
Thank you for the interview and tour of your company on Friday to discuss the
Marketing Director position. I am impressed with Alpha Advertising’s strong marketing
plans and strategy for achieving your objectives.
During the interview, you stressed the necessity for developing new strategic plans and
tracking their success. My four years at Beta Designs as an Accounts Manager has
provided me with valuable experience in plan development and tracking, preparing me
for the Marketing Director position. I am very interested in assisting Alpha Advertising
continue their marketing expansion.
I look forward to hearing from you next week and will be available immediately to begin
work with your firm.
Miles Westchester


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