Training Evaluation Form


7: Training Evaluation Form
We are interested in your assessment of the training provided and would like to ask you to complete
the form. For each statement, please check if you agree or disagree using a rating scale from “1” to
“5”. A rating of “1” indicates that you strongly disagree with the statement and a rating of “5”
indicates that you strongly agree and “3” is the level where you neither agree nor disagree.
Check your response
Strongly Disagree – Strongly Agree
The invitation for the training stated the goals clearly
I was given enough information to prepare for the training
Content Delivery
The goals of the training were clearly defined
The topics covered were relevant
Each session stated the objectives clearly
There was sufficient opportunity for interactive participation
The format allowed me to get to know the other participants
The training was too technical and difficult to understand
The training experience will be useful in my work
I got most of my questions answered during the training
The materials were pitched at the right level
The materials for the training were helpful
The schedule for the training provided sufficient time to cover all of the
proposed activities
The handouts provided were helpful
The facilitators were knowledgeable about the topic
The facilitators were well prepared for the session
The facilitators encouraged active participation
The facilitators answered questions in a complete and clear manner
The facilitators used variety of training methods
The facilitators were respectful of the different skills and values
presented by the participants
The facilitator modeled cross-sector collaboration
The meeting room and related facilities provided a comfortable setting
for the training
The location for the training was convenient for me
The refreshments and food provided were of good quality
The tools and equipments during the sessions worked well
The sessions lasted about the right amount of time
General Satisfaction:
The goals of the training have been met
I am satisfied with my increased understanding of the topic
This training is among the best trainings I have received on the topic of


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