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TATE   O F  
S ecretary   o f   S tate
  o f   t he  
Dear Notary Public Applicant:
A Notary Public’s commission is for a term of ten years and may be obtained or renewed by filing an
application with the Secretary of State’s Business and Commercial Services office. The Notary Handbook,
which you will want to review for explicit instructions, is a PDF file which you can also download from
the website.
Arkansas law now requires that notary stamps and embossed seals include a notary commission number,
which is issued by the Arkansas Secretary of State. The number will be issued with your certificate/oath.
An applicant for appointment as a Notary Public must list his/her name exactly as the signature will
appear on each document notarized and must be in agreement with the notary seal and surety bond. A
Surety Bond in the amount of $7,500 must accompany the Secretary of State Notary application.
You have 30 days from the date your Commission is issued by the Secretary of State, to sign it, file it with
the Circuit Court in the county of your residence, and RETURN A FILE-MARKED copy back to the
Secretary of State. To confirm your Commission date, check the body of your Surety Bond.
The Secretary of State offers a free 90 minute Notary Public Seminar. The seminar covers laws,
governing Notaries Public in Arkansas and basic notary information on the duties and responsibilities of a
Notary Public. Space is limited for these seminars. Register though the website at
Notary Seminar
or by calling Business and Commercial Services at the number listed below.
You must return your Notary Application, Notary Surety Bond and the $20 fee to Secretary of State
Business and Commercial Services:
Mailing Address:
Physical Address:
Secretary of State
Secretary of State
Business and Commercial Services
Business and Commercial Services
State Capitol, Rom 256
Suite 250, Victory Building
Little Rock, AR 72201-1094
1401 West Capitol
Little Rock, AR 72201
If you have any questions or need further information, call our toll free number 888-233-0325 or
Mark Martin
Secretary of State
1401   W est   C apitol,   S te.,   2 50   •   L ittle   R ock,   A rkansas   7 2201-­‐1094  
(501)   6 82-­‐3409     •     F ax   ( 501)   6 82-­‐3437  
e-­‐mail:   c   •   w  


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