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To the Applicant
References or recommendations should be given by people who are familiar with your qualifications for graduate study. Three letters of recommendation
are required for admission to doctoral and interdisciplinary degree programs. Some master’s degree programs also require letters of recommendation.
Check with your program to see if they require letters of recommendation and if they accept this form.
Fill out the top half of this form, as well as the name of the individual providing this reference. Print a copy for each reference. Give him or her a stamped
envelope addressed to the Graduate School & International Admissions (Graduate School & International Admissions, University of Northern Colorado,
501 20th Street, Campus Box 135, Greeley, CO 80639) with instructions to sign the envelope across the seal.
Type (or print in black ink) the following information. UNC Bear ID Number: _________________________________________
(For returning UNC students only)
Full Legal Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________________
Maiden or other names used
Degree Major to which you are applying: ____________________________________ Degree Level:____________________________
In accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, you may waive your right to inspect this recommendation by signing the statement below.
Should you decide not to waive the right, you will have access to the recommendation if you enroll in the above degree program.
I choose to:
not waive my right of access to this letter
Applicant Signature: ___________________________________________________Date: ____________________________________
To the Person Providing Reference/Recommendation
Type or print your letter of recommendation either on the back of this form or on your own letterhead. Be sure to return both the Letter of Recommendation
Form and your Letter of Recommendation. This recommendation will be used by the University of Northern Colorado only in its procedures related to
admission. If the student has not waived the right of access to the recommendation, it will be accessible to the student only if he/she enrolls in the above-
referenced degree major at the University of Northern Colorado.
Write as candidly as possible about the applicant’s qualifications and potential to carry out advanced studies in the field and at the degree level specified.
In evaluating such qualities as the applicant’s motivation, intellect, creativity, discipline, and maturity, discuss both strengths and weaknesses. It would
be most helpful if you can recall specific instances in which these qualities were revealed to you. If it is possible for you to compare this student with
others you have recommended for graduate study, please do so.
When you have completed the recommendation letter, please enclose this form and your letter in an envelope addressed to the Graduate School &
International Admissions, seal the envelope, and sign it across the seal. Thank you for your assistance. How long and in what capacity have you
known the applicant? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________
How does this applicant rank in comparison to other individuals you have recommended for graduate study?
Top 5%
Top 10%
Top 25%
Top 50%
Bottom 50%
No Basis
Emotional Maturity / Stability
Writing Ability
Skill in Oral Presentations
Professional Potential
Overall Potential for Graduate Studies
Name:_________________________________________________________ Title: ________________________________________
Signature: ______________________________________________________ Date: _______________________________________
Institution: ______________________________________________________ Daytime phone: _______________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________


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