Letter Of Business Introduction Sample


Letter of Business Introduction Sample
To whom it may concern,
Hi I’m David Neese and my security services company recently relocated from
Bloomington. Unfortunately mounting tragic events across the country – in our
public areas and schools – have highlighted the need for greater security, especi
ally during leisure activities.
As a retired marine and officer of the law, I know firsthand that the main conce
rn of any business owner or manager when a dangerous individual is on site, is
a plan of action and rapid response. But unfortunately training is often inadequ
ate and staff inexperienced.
My company Safe As Houses is the nation’s leader in staff emergency and resp
onse training, and I feel our service would be of great benefit to your Theatre c
Every week thousands of citizens pass through your doors to enjoy movies wit
h their families, but are you fully prepared if something disastrous took place?
Our 6 week program can accommodate for up to 15 members of staff, teaching
them cutting edge response techniques to evacuate citizens to safety and contai
n dangerous individuals without physical confrontation.
If you’d like to know more, or just want to say hello, I’m down the street at 54,
Wellington Road. Just ask for Dave. Alternatively you can leave me a message
on 202-555-0128.
Stay safe,
David Neese
Safe as Houses


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