Experienced Teacher


Education Cover Letter #1 - Experienced Teacher
101 Sunny Boulevard
Simple, Nebraska xxxxx
March 2, 20xx
Ms. Darla Brown, Principal
Little Kid Elementary School
34 North First Street
Closeby, Nebraska xxxxx
Dear Ms. Brown:
I wish to apply for the position of Fifth Grade Teacher in your school as listed in the
January 26, 20xx edition of the Lincoln Journal Star. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree
in Elementary Education with a concentration in Language Arts from the University of
I am currently teaching at Pit Bull Elementary School where the assignment involves team-
teaching Language Arts to fifth and sixth-graders. This assignment requires that I teach
reading, writing, spelling, and basic journalism skills. The journalism aspect focuses on
the development of a newsletter composed on computer in our classroom and circulated
to students’ families. As my resume notes, I volunteer regularly at the Center for the
Elderly when I help to coordinate their weekly newsletter. I also regularly volunteer with
the school’s Read-A-While after school program. My dedication to students and to learning
extends beyond the regular classroom situation.
I believe that my energy, education, and experience combine to make me a viable candidate
for your position. Please contact me if you wish to receive my credentials; I would be
glad to provide a set to you. I look forward to completing any further application materials
that your school may require as well as the opportunity to meet with you for a personal
interview at your convenience. My phone number and e-mail address are listed on the
enclosed resume.
Yours truly,
James N. James


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