Form F-1 - Registration Statement Under The Securities Act Of 1933 Page 7


As to Item 4, a brief statement of the general character of the business done and intended to be done, the Selected
Financial Data (Item 3.A of Form 20-F ( 249.220f of this chapter) ) and a brief statement of the nature and present status
of any material pending legal proceedings; and
(d) A tabular presentation of notes payable, long term debt, deferred credits, minority interests, if material, and the equity
section of the latest balance sheet filed, as may be appropriate.
The summary prospectus shall not contain a summary or condensation of any other required financial information except as
provided above.
Where securities being registered are to be offered in exchange for securities of any other issuer, the summary prospectus also
shall contain that information specified in paragraphs 1.(c)(iv) and 1.(c)(v) above which would be required if the securities of
such other issuer were registered on this Form or Form S-1 according to General Instruction III.
The Commission may, upon request of the registrant, and where consistent with the protection of investors, permit the omission
of any of the information herein required or the furnishing in substitution thereof of appropriate information of comparable
character. The Commission may also require the inclusion of other information in addition to, or in substitution for, the
information herein required in any case where such information is necessary or appropriate for the protection of investors.


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