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Sample Resignation Letter Template
Date --------- (Date of letter)
Dear -----------,
Please be informed that I am tendering my resignation with this letter,
relinquishing my post of ---------------------(post) at -------------(company Name) as of ------------------(last
working day). Please consider this letter as the mandatory -------------- (notice period) notice.
The reason for my resignation is ----------------------------(mention reason)
At this juncture I would like to thank the support, guidance and encouragement I have received from
my colleagues and superiors at ----------------------(company). My------------(no.of years) here have been
enriching and I have gained a great deal of experience during my time.
I have completed most of the paperwork and am confident that I can finish the remainder within two
weeks. I would be happy to help in any way to smoothen the handing over to my successor.
In case of any queries, please email me at ---------------------(email id)
Thanking you
Yours truly
Sample Resignation Letter


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