National Dam Safety Awareness Day Planning Checklist


Local Event Planning Checklist
The following is a checklist for local event planners to use in carrying out National Dam Safety
Awareness Day (NDSAD):
 Identify potential partners to assist with planning; reach out to them to assess interest
 Don’t forget to contact you your local
State Dam Safety Program
 Hold a kick-off meeting with willing partners
 Develop event scope document
 Determine what the program will include
 Identify host and speakers
 Brainstorm ideas for engaging participants and making your event interactive
 Identify location
 Alongside or near a dam is recommended, but not required
 Large enough space for projected attendance
 Make guest parking arrangements
 Determine if a power sources is necessary and if so, available
 Identify a back-up location in case an outdoor event is not possible
 Develop invitation list
 Include key stakeholders, local officials, relevant media, and the public
 Tell your local school district about the event
 Create and send e-mail save-the-date
 Create and distribute e-mail invitation
 Make follow-up calls as needed
 Create and send press release to local media outlets
 Make follow-up calls as needed
 Advertise on your organization’s website and in newsletters (or other publications)
 Promote event using social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
 Prepare/gather any displays/handouts/printed materials needed for your event
 Create name badges for key participants
 Assign someone to sign-in participants on a clipboard sign-in sheet
 Assign someone to take photos/video (be sure to have release forms on hand)
 Send thank you e-mails and ask for feedback following your event
National Dam Safety Awareness Day 2015


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