Block Style Cover Letter


Block Style Cover Letter. Formatting is very important! Follow example closely.
Everything is left justified with the option of centering your name and contact info.
Use serif type font, 10 or 12 point, Times New Roman, for example. Be consistent with
resume. Use 1-1.5” margins all around.
Your Name
Street Address
City, State, Zip
Phone, email
(Enter 2 times.)
(Enter 4 times.)
Name (if known)
(Enter 2 times.)
Dear :
(Use colon instead of comma, never use first name, if you don’t know name use
“Sir or Madam”) (Enter 2 times.)
Paragraph 1. State your interest. Identify position and where you learned of it.
Introduce your strengths.
(Enter 2 times.)
Paragraph 2. Highlight your experiences and qualifications and relate them to the
position. Refer to but don’t duplicate your resume.
(Enter 2 times.)
Paragraph 3. Request an interview and let them know when you will be following up.
Show appreciation to employer for their consideration.
(Enter 2 times.)
(Enter 4 times.)
Your Name
(Enter 2 times.)
Enclosure: Resume


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