North Carolina 10-Day Notice To Quit Nonpayment Of Rent

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North Carolina
Nonpayment of Rent
Date: ________________________
Dear ____________________________________:
You are requested to leave the premises you now rent as a tenant located at:
in the state of North Carolina. You have 10 days from receipt of this notice to leave or pay rent
before seeking permission to evict you. This is not a judicial document. By law, a court is the
final authority in every eviction, and if you believe you are entitled to remain as a tenant, you or
your lawyer may present your case in court.
The reason I wish to end your tenancy is because you have not paid me rent in the amount of
$___________________, as follows:
________________________________ $______________________
________________________________ $______________________
________________________________ $______________________
________________________________ $______________________
If you have not received a notice to quit for nonpayment of rent within the last twelve months, you
have a right to prevent termination of your tenancy by paying or tendering to your landlord, your
landlord's attorney, or the person to whom you customarily pay your rent, the full amount of rent
due within ten days after your receipt of this notice.


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