Eye Chart Template


Legal Notice
If you have serious problems with your eyesight, please seek the
advice of a qualified eye care professional.
This work is released into the public domain. This document was
originally designed by Joel Schneider in May, 2002.
Technical Notes
The document is laid out to be printable on either letter-sized or A4
paper. Distance values for normal eyesight are marked in both
U.S. Customary and metric units.
When printing the PDF version of this document, be sure to disable
the "Fit to Page" print option.
To quickly test whether the eye chart is printed at the correct size,
measure the height of the big letter E. It should be 3.49 inches
(88.7 millimeters) high. This height represents 5 minutes of
subtended arc at a distance of 200 feet (60.96 meters).


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