Seating Chart For Inclusive Classroom


Seating Chart for Inclusive Classroom
The seating chart below was designed for my second period tenth grade class. This was
an inclusive class with an overpopulation of students. Of the twenty-seven students, eight were
classified under special education regulations for problems including Asperger’s Syndrome,
behavioral issues, and learning disabilities. As such there were many students who needed
assistance in learning and conducting proper behavior.
As a preventative measure, my cooperating teacher and I strategized to separate the
students throughout the classroom as equally as possible. Although the chart below shows
multiple special education students within one group, we did so based on the severity of their
needs. Further, when it came time to look at personalities, we found that certain students could
not work effectively with other particular students, and thus we sat them farther away from one
another. Many times these students even had their backs to one another on opposite sides of the
room so as to not tempt them into becoming a distraction for others.
My one gifted student was placed with two highly motivated regular education students
and then my student with Asperger’s. We designed this group in hopes that the three higher
students would be a benefit to the special education student as a way to satisfy his educational
needs as well. One problem this student suffered from was his attention to details; if he were put
in a group with students who were not as concerned with learning as these other three boys, this
could have triggered an attack. Therefore we placed him with the three boys we felt would be
most beneficial to his needs.


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