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Attached are the forms and instructions to form a Florida Limited Liability Company pursuant to Chapter 605, Florida Statutes.
All information included in the Articles of Organization must be in English and must be typewritten or printed legibly. I f this
requirement is not met, the document will be returned for correction(s). The Division of Corporations suggests using the sample
articles merely as a guideline. Pursuant to s. 605.0201, Florida Statutes, additional information may be contained in the Articles of
The name of a limited liability company must be distinguishable on the records of the Florida Department of State.
A preliminary search for name availability can be made on the Internet through the Division’s records at
Preliminary name searches and name reservations are no longer available from the Division of Corporations. You are
responsible for any name infringement that may result from your name selection.
NOTE: This form for filing Articles of Organization is basic. Each limited liability company is a separate entity and as such has
specific goals, needs, and requirements. A dditionally, the tax consequences arising from the structure of a l imited liability
company can be significant. The Division of Corporations recommends that all documents be reviewed by your legal counsel.
The Division is a filing agency and as such does not render any legal, accounting, or tax advice. The professional advice of your
legal counsel to ascertain exact compliance with all statutory requirements is strongly recommended.
Pursuant to s.605.0201, Florida Statutes, the Articles of Organization must set forth the following:
The name of the limited liability company, which must end with the words “Limited Liability Company,”or the abbreviation
“L.L.C.,” or the designation “LLC.”
The mailing address and the street address of the principal office of the limited liability company.
The name and Florida street address of the limited liability company’s registered agent. The registered agent must sign and state
that he/she is familiar with and accepts the obligations of the position.
ARTICLE IV: The name and address of each person authorized to manage and control the Limited Liability Company. Although
this information is optional at this time, most financial institutions require this information to be recorded with the Florida
Department of State in order to open an account. The Department of Financial Services also requires this information to
issue Workers’ Compensation.
Use “AMBR” for members who are authorized to manage and control the company. Use “MGR” for managers of manger-
managed LLCs.
ARTICLE V: If an effective date is listed, the date must be specific and cannot be more than five business days prior to or
90 days after the date of filing.
What is an effective date?
You may list an effective date if you would like the limited liability company’s existence to become effective on a date other than
the date it is filed by this office., The effective date can be up to 5 business days prior to the date of receipt or up to 90 days after
the date of receipt.
CR2E047 (12/13)


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