College Letter Of Recommendation Information Sheet


College Letter of Recommendation Information Sheet
Name: ____________________________
Please check one and indicate the due date for this recommendation:
_____ Early Decision ___________
_____ Early Action
_____ Regular
Please completely and specifically answer the following items. Your detailed replies help me to
personalize your letter of recommendation. Please turn in your responses at least one month before
your first due date. (Note: I will not write your letter until you have returned this questionnaire.) Also,
please make sure that your deadlines are correctly entered in Naviance!
1. List the colleges where you are applying. If you have a first choice, indicate it. Do these colleges
have any common features that you find particularly appealing?
2. What subject area(s) are you interested in studying in college? What has prompted your interest
in these subjects?
3. What are your career goals? Why does this career path interest you?
4. What insights about yourself as a student have you gained from your chemistry coursework?
5. What did you learn from your chemistry coursework that will prepare you for college level work
and/or your future career goals?
6. What strengths and/or weaknesses do you expect or want highlighted in this recommendation?
Be specific and reflective in your response.
7. List 1 or 2 clubs, sports, activities etc. (including years involved, positions and awards) which
have been most significant or meaningful to you in your years at Bromfield.
What do you feel you’ve gotten out of your involvement in these activities?
What did you contribute to these activities?
8. Have you worked during school, vacations, etc.? If so, what job(s) did you hold? How did having
a job help you develop and mature?
9. If you have you been involved in internships, tutoring, conferences, enrichment programs, or
other activities not mentioned in your previous answers, detail them here.
What were your responsibilities?
Explain what you feel you brought to your involvement in these activities and what you
feel you’ve gotten out of them.
How have they helped you to grow?
10. Is there something else I should know about you? Perhaps there are personal circumstances of
which I or the college should be aware. Don’t be afraid to blow your own horn!


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