Pronoun Agreement And Reference


Exercise 2 Pronoun Agreement and Reference
Correct any errors in pronoun reference and agreement in the following sentences. This
may entail rewriting the sentence substantially. It might be helpful to identify the
antecedent and pronoun first.
There is an answer key on the next page. The first question is done for you.
1. John knew Michael when
was only six years old.
John knew Michael when Michael was only six years old.
2. Valerie told her sister that she was worried because she had lost weight.
3. George had always admired his father’s career in medicine, so when he grew up
he decided to become one too.
4. Although supporting the League of Nations in principle, the United States finally
refused to join them.
5. One should brush their teeth twice daily.
6. The university has always taken an interest in their graduates.
7. She couldn’t understand the directions to my house until I drew it for her.
8. After he had worked hard at the guitar for two years, he began to boast that he
was a good one.
9. When Mary saw her mother in February, she did not know that she would be in
Montreal in May.
10. Each participant should have received their form in the mail.


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