Financial Ratios Cheat Sheet


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20 Financial Ratios to Measure a Company's Health
Quick Ratio
= (Current Assets - Inventories) / Current Liabilities
Current Ratio
= Current Assets / Current Liabilities
Total Debt/Equity Ratio
= Total Liabilities / Shareholders Equity
Long Term Debt/Equity Ratio
= Long Term Debt / Shareholders Equity
Short Term Debt/Equity Ratio
= Short Term Debt / Shareholders Equity
Liquidity Ratios
Days Sales Outstanding
= (Receiveables / Revenue) x 365
Days Inventory Outstanding
= (Inventory / COGS) x 365
Days Payable Outstanding
= (Accounts Payable / COGS) x 365
Cash Conversion Cycle
Receivables Turnover
= Revenue / (Average of Current and Prior Year Receivables)
Inventory Turnover
= COGS / (Average of Current and Prior Year Inventory)
Average Age of Inventory (Days)
= 365 / Inventory Turnover
Intangibles % of Book Value
= Intangibles / Shareholders Equity
Inventory % of Revenue
= Inventory / Revenue
Capital Structure Ratios
LT-Debt as % of Invested Capital
= Long Term Debt / Invested Capital
ST-Debt as % of Invested Capital
= Short Term Debt / Invested Capital
LT-Debt as % of Total Debt
= Long Term Debt / Total Liabilities
ST-Debt as % of Total Debt
= Short Term Debt / Total Liabilities
Total Liabilities % of Total Assets
= Total Liabilities / Total Assets
Working Capital % of Price
= Working Capital / Market Cap
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