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Instructions for completing the enclosed Letter of Reference Form
To the applicant
Please complete the top portion of the Letter of Reference form to include the name and
contact information of the individual who will be writing this recommendation as well as
your name so that we know who this form belongs to.
Indicate whether you waive or do not waive your right to see this recommendation. If you do
not waive your right to see this letter, this letter may be disclosed to you only after the
competition has completed. If you do not indicate any choice to waive or not waive your
right, you will not be allowed to see your letter.
Please be sure to sign the form where noted before giving it to the referee.
Give this instruction sheet and reference letter form to your referee. If you choose to email
this form to your referee, please send a scanned copy that contains all of the required
information at the top half of the form including your handwritten signature.
Non English reference letters must not be translated by the applicant. Please instruct your
referee to have the person translating their comments include their name, occupational title,
and contact information. The original non English document should be included with the
To the Recommender
You have been asked to provide a letter of reference that will assist the East-West Center
scholarship selection committee in validating this applicant’s qualifications for the East-West
Center Graduate Degree Fellowship Program. Please complete both pages of the form (or
respond to the questions on separate stationery, provide a handwritten signature, and affix
your business card where indicated. Additional comments may be provided on separate
stationery. Return your reference form directly to the East-West Center at the following
Award Services/Graduate Degree Fellowship
East-West Center
1601 East-West Road, Room 2066
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96848-1601
If the applicant prefers to collect your letter so that it can be included with their application,
please provide it in a sealed envelope with your signature across the flap.
We would like to receive your reference letter by November 16 so that it will be available
during the Center’s preliminary selection process, but we will not penalize an applicant if
your letter does not arrive on time. To ensure that we receive your letter, you may email
preferably a scanned pdf copy of your letter to
while the
original copy is en route to the East-West Center.


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