10+ Best Valentine's Day Crafts And Activities For Kids


Valentine’s Day can be a great holiday not only for the adults but for children as well! Valentine’s Day crafts or fun games like a tricky maze puzzle or a word jumble are guaranteed to bring your kids lots of cheer and excitement. We've prepared a bunch of fun and educational themed activities for your kids so that they could learn more about this holiday while having a good time.

All of these Valentine's Day printables are kid-friendly and fun. Take a little time off for yourself while you're kids entertained and occupied with our games and crafts. All of them are extremely easy to set up – just check out our line-up of Valentine's Day crafts and project ideas via the links below and print out the ones you like. Happy holidays!

1. DIY Gift Box Template



Here's a bunch of awesomely cute DIY boxes to put all of your wonderful gifts in. No need to spend tons of money or time on those basic store-bought gift bags – you can print out as many of these as you want in just a matter of minutes.

The boxes are easy to assemble with simple and clear instructions for your kids to follow already written on the page.

2. Valentine's Day Heart Maze



Wondering how to find your way to someone’s heart? The better question is – how do you get out of a one? Finding entertaining Valentines Day activities for kids may be a challenging task, but this heart-shaped maze will definitely boost their holiday spirits.

3. Valentine's Day Spelling Activity Sheet

Valentine's Day Abc Activity Sheet


Valentine’s Day is just the right time to tell your loved ones about your feelings. This alphabet sheet will help your kids learn more about expressing their emotions towards other people – in a positive and caring way. Check out this cool craft idea and more Valentine's Day printables via the link above!

4. Punny Greeting Cards


A cool punny valentines card idea to share with friends – these cards are crafty, witty and cute! Sharing funny cards can become a great at-school activity – our Valentine’s Day crafts and festive DIYs will help get everyone into the holiday mood.

5. St. Valentine Scattergories Activity


A wonderful game for your children to play with their friends – categories and matching games, in general, are the best Valentines Day activities for kids that love a little bit of challenge and good old teamwork. It is a great icebreaker for any children's' party – everyone is guaranteed to have a good time!

6. Festive Crossword Puzzle


We have gathered a variety of Valentine’s Day crafts in this lineup, but if your kids are into all sorts of word games, puzzles and scrambles, they are going to love this one. The main task is to figure out the correct letter order to fit into each square – it may be a little tricky and could take some time, but you get to learn a new Valentine-themed quote at the end!

7. Beaded Heart DIY Craft


Most Valentines Day activities are catered towards adults, but what about this cute heart-shaped craft? It is easy to make and it could become a beautiful decoration for your house this holiday season. Print out the template and let your kids enjoy creating – try working on it together for a bit of family-bonding.

8. Paper Chain Hearts Card


Cards and letters are a great way to express your feelings and emotions towards your loved ones, but how about getting a little bit more creative? These don’t take a lot of prep or supplies, and the assembly process is easy to figure out. Your children are going to have a great time with this DIY - satisfaction guaranteed.

9. Valentine's Day Memory Game


Each holiday is an awesome opportunity for a bit of fun – but also for education and for learning new things through games and crafts! This activity is perfect for the first and second-graders, and it’s good for both working in the classroom or spending some time with your kids at home. Help your kids train their memory and learn something new while playing a fun game.

10. Kid-friendly Owl Craft


This cute-looking owl will become a perfect decoration for your house or an awesome craft for the kids’ room – all of these Valentine's Day printables are kid-friendly and fun and this one is not an exception! This DIY will let your kid use their creativity and imagination to make the most beautiful owl and to create the perfect holiday message for everyone to see and enjoy.

11. Valentine Award Ribbons Activity Sheet


Cards and letters are a great way to express your feelings towards your loved ones, but how about getting a little bit more creative? These cute award ribbons don’t require much prep time, and the step-by-step instructions are given right there on the print-out. 

12. Compound Word Hearts Activity


Every holiday is an awesome opportunity to have a bit of fun with games and educational crafts! This activity is perfect for first and second-graders, and good for both working in the classroom or at-home play time.