100+ Free Mardi Gras Masks To Color And Print


You simply cannot imagine a Mardi Gras carnival without festive and colorful masquerade masks! It’s hard to imagine the holiday and the parades without the festive paraphernalia – Mardi Gras masks are the number one symbol of the season. They can come in different sizes and styles, with some covering only the eyes and blushing with fancy feathers or hiding the entire face with joker bells and bright colors.

Consider your personal style and the upcoming event: what type of Mardi Gras mask would suit you and the occasion best? But whatever your choice for a masquerade costume is, we have got you covered!

Choose from a variety of more than a hundred Mardi Gras-themed masks and let your imagination run wild – the excitement and fun are guaranteed. Our masks can jazz up any masquerade or party – they are easy to customize, fun to wear and quick to get – just print out your favorite masks in a minute via your home computer.

1. Traditional Mardi Gras Festival Masks

2. Superhero Masquerade Masks

3. Animal-themed Mardi Gras Masks

4. Alien Masquerade Masks

5. Funny Monster Masks

Traditional Mardi Gras Festival Masks

 Mardi Gras Festival Mask TemplateA selection of classic and fancy Mardi Gras masks is bound to be a solid party choice for everyone. We have gathered a variety of traditional and classy masks and with so many options to choose from, there is no doubt that you will be partying in style!

If your kids love preparing for celebrations they will be thrilled to color in the masks themselves – we've prepared blank masks for coloring and customizing. Create the perfect party disguise – just browse through the links above, choose your favorite masks and enjoy!

Superhero Masquerade Masks

Superhero Mask TemplateWho doesn’t want to be a superhero? Our fun superhero-themed Mardi Gras masks will give you and your friends the chance to become a perfect hero or an evil villain for the day. These masks are going to bring that perfect final touch to your party outfit: print them out and you're all set for the night of celebration.

Your kids are definitely doing to love these fun costume ideas! They can design parts of the mask themselves and tailor their costume according to their wishes and imagination.

Animal-themed Mardi Gras Masks

Animal-themed Mardi Gras MaskCheck out our selection of animal-themed masks in a variety of different styles and shapes perfect for your Mardi Gras party. These are an excellent choice for your kids’ party outfits. Help them dress up as a sly fox, a sneaky cat or any other animal they like. And remember - there's always a chance to color in the masks yourself with our printable mask coloring pages.

Alien Masquerade Masks

Alien Masquerade MaskAre you the fan of the more extravagant and edgy party outfits than the usual flamboyant carnival costume? Those masks are a great choice for a kids' party or a themed event. Impress everyone at the party with an alien-themed Mardi Gras mask and turn heads with your extraterrestrial costume.

Funny Monster Masks

Monster Mask TemplateIf you are a big fan of everything creepy, you don’t want to miss out on our monster masquerade mask printables! These spooky faces are guaranteed to give everyone a good scare and a big laugh. The kids are going to love the funny faces just as much as the adults and the opportunity to color in their own masks will fuel their imagination.

Even if you are planning to stick with the more traditional Mardi Gras masks this time, save these for Halloween night – they are guaranteed to come in handy on October, 31st!