Travel Checklist For International And Cruise Travelers


Travel Check List
For International and Cruise Travelers
Travel can be exciting but at the same time very unpredictable if you are not prepared.
Amber has compiled a check list to better help you plan your next trip.
Prior To Departure:
Passports must be valid for at least 6 months beyond your trips return date.
Visas are required by many foreign countries. Check with Amber for requirements.
Leave At Home:
A copy of your itinerary with a friend or family member.
A copy of your passport.
Unneeded Credit Cards.
Take With You:
Passport with required visas.
A copy of your passport and visa pages.
Airline schedule and confirmation #.
Destination Hotel phone #’s.
Drivers License & International Driving Permit if needed.
Travel Money Card or Travelers Checks.
Major Credit Cards (i.e. VISA, MasterCard, & American Express).
Wind-up Alarm Clock & Flashlight.
Adapters and Converters for electrical items (most overseas outlets are 3 prong & 220 volts).
On the Plane
Drink plenty of liquids but avoid alcoholic beverages.
Sleep as much as possible to help with time zone changes.
Fill out arrival/customs forms before landing to expedite your arrival.
Packing Reminders:
(check with airline on luggage limitations)
Clothing should be appropriate for climate and customs of your destination.
Cruise formal nights usually require jackets and ties for men and cocktail or evening dress for ladies.
Comfortable walking shoes.
Medication should be carried with you not packed in checked luggage.
Prescriptions should be in pharmacy bottles with labels.
Soap and wash cloths come in handy for International travel. (some hotels do not provide wash cloths.)
All luggage should bear baggage tags with name, address and phone number.
First Aid Kit (including band aids, first aid cream, aloe for sunburn, motion sickness medicine etc.)
Before Leaving Home:
Stop deliveries.
Arrange pet and lawn care.
Store valuables in a safe place.
Lock all doors and windows.


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