2015 Class Vice President Letter Of Intent Sample


2015 Class Vice President Letter of Intent
Class of 2015,
I am running for 3rd/4th year Vice President. There are several reasons why I believe I should hold this
position. Seeing as this is our last chance to run for a leadership position, - I'm bulletproof, nothing to
1. Communication - One of my duties as Vice President would be to ensure that the student voice is
heard, despite the distance between some of us. I believe our school is great, but there is always room
for improvement. I would make sure that all thoughts, opinions, and ideas concerning any of our four
years of medical school would be presented to the powers that be. I would also make sure to keep
everyone informed while we are away on rotations. I'd guarentee that I would respond promptly to all
my emails so you could always feel free to - fire away, fire away.
2. Desire to serve our class - Every single classmate and person I have met in these 2 short years has
made a profound impact on my life. I'd be thrilled to have the opportunity to give back to our school
and make an impact on our class. I promise to work - stone hard, as bulletproof glass.
3. Prior success with our class – As powderpuff football coach, I helped bring glory and honor to our
class by releasing the inner-Drew Brees, inner-Jimmy Graham, and inner-Jonathon Vilma (minus the
bounties) present within our girls. I have no doubt that we can repeat our successes in 3rd and 4th year
as well. If you don't believe me - you shoot me down, but I wont fall.
It would be an honor to serve as Vice-President for our class. I hope you will consider me for this
position. I truly believe our class can be... Titanium.
Thank you and I hope you will consider me for Vice President.
Kelvin "Paul" McDaniel Jr.


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