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Topic: Simple Machines
SOL 3.2
6 Simple Machines
-Wheel and Axle
-Inclined Plane
Brief definition of each:
• Lever: A bar that rests on a support called a fulcrum, which lifts or moves
Ex. Seesaw, scissors,
• Pulley: A wheel with a groove in the rim where a rope moves something
when pulled. Stress that this is different than wheel and axle. Students will
want to confuse the two since they both involve a wheel.
Ex. Flag Pole, clothes line, crane, window blinds
• Wedge: A device that is wide and thick at one end and pointed at the other
Ex. Door stop, axe, shovel, teeth
• Screw: Inclined plan wrapped around a cylinder. This is used to hold things
together or to lift.
Ex. Screw, light bulb, jar lid
• Wheel and Axle: A wheel with a rod, called an axle, through it’s center. Used
to lift or move loads. It could also be two circular objects that rotate together
around a common axis.
Ex. Bike, door knob, car tires, windmill
• Inclined Plane: A straight, slanted surface used to move an object from point
to another. The slanted surface could also be curved, like a slide, as long as it
is being raised from the bottom to the top.
Ex. Ramp, escalator, staircase, wheelchair ramp, slide


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