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KWPL (Know / Want to know / Predict / Learned)
Adapted from the Nebraska K-12 Foreign Language Frameworks :
Main Purpose … .
To use prior knowledge about something
Example: Topic = Illinois
as a bridge to a new concept or lesson.
Thinking Skills targeted .
analyzing / brainstorming / evaluating /
Want to know
inquiring / listing / predicting / recalling
How to
- Who started
- Lake Michigan
- name of person or
- Know: brainstorm and list what you
- Chicago / biggest
- the Aldermen talk
already know about a topic
- Why is Chicago the
- weather patterns
too much
- Want to Know: write questions about
windy city?
- Abe Lincoln
- dates, historical
- childhood, teen
what you want to learn
- Predict: predict what you will learn
- When did Lincoln
- Chicago Bears
period, Lincoln
- Learned: review the topic after studying
live in Illinois
- Corn crops
- in Sangamon
it and write what you learned
- Why is the capital
- Springfield / capital
- state history,
County, Sangamon
- Prairies
location of city
- Where are Illinois'
- Farms
- maps, type of soil
Consider the language implications of this
biggest farms?
and terrain
graphic organizer and identify the specific
structure(s) you want to target. Design a
language task that will require students to
further their language use. The language
implications for this particular graphic
organizer will vary, depending upon the
activity designed, and may include:
• present tense
• conditional tense (I would like to....)
• modals
• because clauses
• past tense
• question formation
create your own


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