After School Program Parent Survey Page 2


17. My child’s program leader works
with my child’s classroom teacher to
help my child learn.
I am satisfied with the instruction and
activities provided to my child by the
19. The school principal supports the
Program at my child’s school.
20. The classrooms teachers in my child’s
school support the Program.
21. The custodians and other classified
personnel in my child’s school
support the Program.
22. My child’s program leader has good
classroom and behavior management
23. The site coordinator and program
leaders maintain good discipline
among the students during program
24. It is important to my child’s program
leader that my child do well in school.
25. My child usually enjoys the time
he/she spends in the Program.
26. My child can be successful in the
Program and eventually in school.
27. I would recommend the Program to
other parents for their children.
28. The site coordinator recognizes me
when I visit the Program and at
activities or events.
29. The site coordinator does a good job
of getting resources, trainers and
teambuilding with staff.
30. I encourage my child to complete
his/her homework, even he/she is
having trouble with assignments.
31. I often help out or volunteer in the
Please add any comments you have in response to the following questions:
What three (3) things do you like about the Program?
(1) _________________________________________________________________________
(2) _________________________________________________________________________


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