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Provide further details if your group will not provide a settlement need indicated above or explain why a settlement need is not applicable.
Please give details that your group has made or intends to make to help the refugees settle. All of these questions must be answered in full for this application to be processed.
As sponsors, you must arrange for proper accommodations for the refugees. Indicate where the refugees will reside by providing, if known, the complete address (or
addresses if refugees will first reside in temporary accommodations) and provide details of the accommodations:
As sponsors, you must register the refugees for settlement activities (language training, finding a job, etc.). Indicate which immigrant settlement agencies are available
and accessible to the refugees and what services they offer:
As sponsors, you must plan, if applicable, to refer refugees to support or service centres for persons dealing with a trauma or crisis. Explain if any special
accommodations are required for the refugees. If accommodations are required, provide details regarding your group's plan to accommodate:
* This section will allow the group to predetermine if it has committed sufficient funds to the sponsorship.
* Use the dollar amounts indicated on the Group's financial documents and/or individual member's Financial Profile (IMM 5373B, Section F) and the
dollar amounts listed in the two cost tables below to fill out this section
IMM 5373A (08-2015) E


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