The Columbian Exchange Worksheet


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The Columbian Exchange
STEP   O NE:   R ead   a nd   a nnotate   t he   a rticle   a nd   c onsider   t he   q uestion,   “ How   d id   t he   C olumbian   E xchange   i mpact  
Old   W orld   a nd   N ew   W orld   p opulations,   a nd   w as   t hat   i mpact   m ostly   p ositive   o r   m ostly   n egative?”  
STEP   T WO:   W hile   r eading,   f ill   o ut   t he   c hart   b elow   t o   t rack   t he   p ositive   a nd   n egative   e ffects   o f   t he   “ Exchange.”  
STEP   T HREE:   A nswer   t he   s ix   r eview   q uestions   o n   t he   b ack   o f   t he   s heet   i n   f ull   s entences   a nd   c lear   w ords.  
Columbian Exchange Impact Tracker
Old   W orld   ( Europe,   A frica,   a nd   A sia)  
New   W orld   ( North   a nd   S outh   A merica)  


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