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Student Health Service  Dept. 3068  1000 E. University Ave.  Laramie, WY 82071
(307) 766-2130  fax (307) 766-2711  TTY (307) 766-2132  e-mail:
In order to register for classes, the first section (REQUIRED IMMUNIZATION- MMR) of this Student Immunization Form must be
completed, signed and returned (mail, fax or email) to the University of Wyoming Student Health Service. Alternatively, you can
mail, fax or email a verified (signed and dated by a medical provider or a school official if using a transcript) copy of an
immunization record to the Student Health Service. All information is confidential and will become part of your medical record.
Contact the Student Health Service if you have questions regarding completion of this form.
If your MMR immunization information is incomplete, your registration process will be delayed.
Phone Number
Date of Birth_____________________________ W#____________________________
Permanent Address____________________________________________________________________________________________
Street address/P.O.Box
City, State, Zip code, Country (if not USA)
The University of Wyoming requires each incoming student born on or after 1/1/57 to be protected against measles, mumps, and
rubella. Compliance with this requirement is in one of three ways, as follows (check appropriate line)
_____1. Born PRIOR to January 1, 1957
_____2. Receipt of 2 MMR vaccinations REQUIRES SIGNATURE OF MEDICAL PROVIDER (at bottom of this page)
MMR #1__________(date) Must be at 12-15 months of age or later
MMR #2__________(date) Usually at age 4-6 years old or older, and at least one month after 1
_____3. Blood tests of immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella (attach copy of test results)
Exemption to the required immunization may be granted for medical or religious reasons. If an outbreak of any of these three
illnesses occurs on the UW campus, students with exemptions will be excluded from campus for the duration of the outbreak. For the
forms for an exemption, please see the Student Health Service website ( ).
The following immunizations are recommended to lessen the risk of certain contagious diseases. All (except the Varicella vaccine)
are available at the Student Health Service for a nominal charge.
_______TETANUS-DIPHTHERIA (primary series plus booster)
Primary series with DTaP or DTP__________#1__________#2__________#3__________#4__________#5 (dates)
Tetanus-diphtheria booster (circle Td or TdaP) within past 10 years __________booster #1__________booster #2 (dates)
_______VARICELLA (chicken pox; history of illness, positive blood test for immunity, or two doses of vaccine)
__________History of disease (chickenpox) (date)
__________Blood test showing immunity (date; attach copy of results)
__________dose #1__________dose#2 (dates)
_______HEPATITIS B (3 shot series, or positive blood test for disease
__________dose#1__________dose#2__________dose#3 (dates)
__________Blood test showing immunity (Hep B SAb; date; attach copy of results)
_______POLIO ( primary series in childhood)
OPV 4 doses
__________dose#1__________dose#2__________dose#3__________dose#4 (dates)
IPV four doses
__________dose#1__________dose#2__________dose#3__________dose#4 (dates)
_______MENINGOCOCCAL CONJUGATE VACCINE (two doses, one at age 11-12 and booster dose at age 16)
__________dose#1__________booster dose (dates)
_______HUMAN PAPILLOMA VIRUS (three doses of the vaccine)
__________dose#1__________dose#2__________dose#3 (dates)
Signature of a medical provider


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