Gatsby Character Analysis


The Great Gatsby
Character Analysis
For any two characters of your choosing from the list below, complete the different sections in
order to analyze and understand character motives and roles.
Tom Buchanan
Jordan Baker
Daisy Buchanan
Myrtle Wilson
Jay Gatsby
George Wilson
Nick Carraway
Part I. Character Description
For each character, complete the questions below.
1. Find at least 2 quotes in which the narrator describes the character.
a. Consider the diction (word choice) in these descriptions.
b. Identify the connotation (feeling associated) of these words.
c. Explain how the language adds to the tone (attitude) towards the character.
2. How would you say the narrator feels about the character? Pick out two specific quotes that
captures the narrator’s opinion of this character. Explain how these quotes reveal the narrator’s
internal feelings.
3. Is this character flat/round? Is this character static/dynamic? Use examples from the book to
explain your interpretation.
4. Where (setting) does this character appear most often? How does the setting contribute to the
character’s role/personality? Point out specific description that lead you to this conclusion.
5. Write a brief summary on the character’s role in the story, covering important events,
personality, and thematic connections.
Part II. Character Sketch
For each character, complete an accurate drawing based on your understanding of the novel.
Write a paragraph rationale that delves into the color(s) used in your drawing. Think about the
symbolism and associations of each color and how Fitzgerald used these colors to set the tone of
the character.
Part III. Character Interaction
Find a scene from the novel that you felt was important in which your two chosen characters
interact with one another. Analyze that interaction by responding to the following questions:
1. Take note of the diction the characters use towards one another. Based on that, how do you
think that each feels about the other. Explain by pointing out specific references.
2. If you were directing actors to portray this scene, how would you direct them in terms of body
language, tone of voice, and facial expression? Explain each of your choices, referring to the
text as support.
3. Summarize why you felt this scene was important in terms of the overall novel of the book.
Consider using terms such as foreshadowing, symbolism, tone, theme, conflict, etc.


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