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Com plete the plan, reading the com plete essay below.
Paragraph 1
Introduction: paraphrase question
Paragraph 2
Note – opinion + reason/example
Paragraph 3
Note – opinion + reason/example
Paragraph 4
Note – opinion + reason/example
Paragraph 5
Conclusion: your opinion
Sam ple Essay
It is often said that it is impossible to succeed the first time you do something, and that the most
successful people in life have many failures behind them.
The majority of people are more determined and motivated to attain their goals after they have
suffered a setback. For example, Albert Einstein struggled and failed several times in his life but
he kept working hard to overcome obstacles and he was eventually successful.
Moreover, people usually improve and become more successful when they gain experience. In
football, for instance, it takes many years of dedication to obtain the skills necessary to become a
top player.
On the other hand, people who have become famous overnight normally find it difficult to deal
with the constant public attention. These celebrities sometimes behave recklessly, take drugs or
drink too much to escape the pressures of being famous and successful.
In conclusion, it is possible to have success without failure, but in my opinion, it may be better to
fail first as you will handle and appreciate your success better if you had had to work hard for it.
185 words
Three Steps to Writing an Essay:
1. Underline the key words.
2. Think of synonyms, topic vocabulary.
3. Brainstorm ideas.
4. Select ideas and organize them into paragraphs.
5. Think of some useful expressions to link your paragraphs and sentences.
W rite
1. Write your essay paying close attention to your plan.
1. Check your writing for any grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes.
2. Make sure you haven’t repeated the same words or phrases several times in your answer.
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