Sample Investment Agreement Template For Michigan Limited Liability Companies


THIS INVESTMENT AGREEMENT (this “Agreement”) is dated as of
_____________, 2012, and is entered into by and among ______________________________
_____________________________, a Michigan limited liability company (the “Company”),
____________________, _______________ and _____________, the principal members of the
Company (the “Company Principals”) and Start Garden, LLC, a Michigan limited liability
company (the “Investor”). The Company and the Company Principals are collectively referred
to in this Agreement as the “Company Parties.”
The Company was formed for the purpose of further developing, commercializing
and operating the business concept identified on Schedule A and includes any subsequent
iteration of the business concept developed by the Company Parties (the “Business”).
Investor desires to make an investment (the “Investment”) in the amount of Five
Thousand Dollars ($5,000) (the “Investment Amount”) into the Company to facilitate such
The terms of this Investment are simplified from a traditional debt or equity
investment. The Investor will not receive any equity in the Company in exchange for the initial
Investment and there is no certainty of repayment of the Investment Amount at any time in the
future. In exchange for the Investment, the Investor will receive certain rights to participate in
future issuances of Company securities.
This Agreement is entered into by the parties to define the terms and conditions
upon which the Investor will make the Investment.
The parties agree as follows:
The Investment. Investor will make the Investment in the Company in
consideration for the rights and privileges set forth in this Agreement.
Future Issuances of Securities.
If at any time in the future the Company proposes to sell and issue
any debt or equity securities, or any other securities or instruments entitling the holder thereof to
receive any profits, capital, assets or property of the Company (collectively, “Securities”), in a
single transaction or series of related transactions that results in gross proceeds to the Company
of at least $50,000 (a “Qualified Financing”), the Company shall deliver written notice to the
Investor stating (i) its bona fide intention to offer such Securities, (ii) the amount and type of
Securities to be offered and (iii) the price and terms upon which it proposes to offer such


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