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SY 2017-18 |Updated 3/21/17
Name of LEA/School
Part A. Parent/Guardian/Caregiver or Adult Student Confirmation
I am the
who is enrolling ______________________________________________________________in school.
other primary caregiver
(Adult Student/Student Full Name)
adult student
I, the parent/guardian/caregiver or adult student, affirm that I reside at the following address:
City, State
Zip Code
Part B. Parent/Guardian/Caregiver or Adult Student Sworn Statement of DC Residency
I understand that enrollment of the above named student in District of Columbia public schools or public charter schools, or other schools providing educational services funded by
the District of Columbia, is based on my representation of bona fide DC residency, including this sworn statement of physical presence and my presentation of residency
verification documentation. If this sworn statement is false, I understand that I am liable for payment of retroactive tuition for the student, and that the student may be
withdrawn from school. Additionally, I understand that, under D.C. Code §38-312, any person who knowingly supplies false information to a public official in connection with
student residency verification shall be subject to payment of a fine of not more than $2,000 or imprisonment for not more than 90 days, but not both a fine and imprisonment. I
hereby waive my rights to confidentiality of information relative to my residence and understand that the District of Columbia will use whatever legal means it has at its disposal to
verify my residence. I also agree to notify the school of any change of residence for myself or the student within three (3) school days of such change.
(Printed Name of Parent/Guardian/Caregiver or Adult Student)
(Phone Number)
(Signature of Parent/Guardian/Caregiver or Adult Student)
Part C. General Residency Verification
(must be completed by school official)
The person who enrolled the student or the adult student has presented the following as proof of his/her District of Columbia residency.
Each item must contain the name of the person enrolling the student or the name of the adult student and his/her DC address along
with the criteria below.
(Refer to List of Acceptable Supporting Documentation Checklist on reverse side for detailed explanations.)
(1) One of the following items:
(3) If one of the following applies, no signature is required in Part B
Pay stub, issued within 45-day window.
Unexpired official documentation of financial assistance.
There is evidence that the student is homeless and the
Certified copy of DC Tax Form-D40.
homeless liaison has provided homeless documentation.
Military housing orders.
Child is a ward of the District of Columbia.
Embassy letter.
(4) Use only if none of the previous options apply.
(2) Two of the following items with matching names and addresses.
The person enrolling the student or the adult student has
Unexpired DC motor vehicle registration.
consented to a home visit. The visit is complete and the
Unexpired DC driver’s license or non-driver ID.
Home Visitation Residency Verification Form and Home
Unexpired lease with proof of payment.
Visitation Consent Form have been completed to confirm
Utility bill with proof of payment.
I certify, under the penalties of perjury, that I have personally reviewed all the documents presented and affirm that the information represented above is true to the best of my
knowledge, information, and belief. I also affirm that all supporting documentation to this form will be retained by the school and made available to OSSE, external auditors, and
other agencies including but not limited to the DC Office of the Inspector General, DC Office of the Attorney General, etc. upon request.
School Official (Print) School Official (Signature) Date


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