Letter Of Recommendation


Letter of Recommendation
RE: Leadership Abilities and Potential
Name of Nominee
(Please print or type.)
Truman Scholars are selected primarily on the basis of leadership potential, commitment to a career in public service,
high academic achievement, and prospects for continuing academic success.
Please confirm and elaborate on the leadership example the candidate described in Item 7 on the Application.
Please address the candidate’s personal characteristics (confidence, persuasiveness, diligence, conviction, vitality,
poise, and so forth) which you feel contribute to the candidate’s leadership abilities.
Your Name
(Please print or type.)
How long have you known the nominee?
In what capacity?
Your recommendation may be typed on the back of this form or on a separate sheet and attached to this form.
Please sign and return the completed form directly to the Truman Scholarship Faculty Representative. Your evaluation will
become part of the nominee’s confidential file, for use only by the Truman Scholarship Selection Committee. It will not be
released to the nominee.
Deliver or mail this letter to be received at the address below no later than
Faculty Representative’s Name
City, State, ZIP


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