Form For Transfer Of Shares


Folio No. …………………………
Certificate No……………………...…
Form for Transfer of Shares
of ____________________________ in consideration of the sum of Rupees____________________________________________
paid to me by_________________________________________________________of___________________________hereinafter
called “the transferee” do hereby transfer, unto the said transferee the_________________________________________ ordinary /
shares numbered_______________________________________________________________________________ standing in our
name in the books_______________________________________________ Limited, to hold unto the said transferee, his/her/them
executors, administrators and assigns, subject to the several conditions on which I / We held the same at the time of the execution
hereof, and I/We the said transferee(s), do hereby agree and take the said shares subject to the conditions.
As witness our hand the______________day of__________________Two thousand______________
Signed by the above named transferor
in the presence of:
Transferor’s Signature_________________________
Signature _____________________________
Name: _______________________________
CNIC Number:_________________________
CNIC Number: _____________________________
I / We hereby declare that I am / We are Nationals
of Pakistan and that I am /We are not minor’s.
Address: ______________________________
Signed by the above named transferor
in the presence of:
Transferee’s Signature__________________________
Signature _____________________________
Name: _______________________________
CNIC Number:_________________________
CNIC Number________________________________
Occupation: ___________________________
Address: ______________________________
Received Transfer Fee Rupees_____________
Purchaser’s Specimen Signature
On_________________ Entered in Register of
Transfer No___________ Approved________
I wish the cash dividend declared by the Company, if any, be directly credited in my bank account, instead of issue of dividend
warrants. Please tick “
”any of the following boxes:
If “YES” then please provide the following information:
Transferee’s Detail
Title of Bank Account
Bank Account Number
Bank’s Name
Branch Name and Address
Cell number of Transferee
Landline number of Transferee, if any
It is stated that the above-mentioned information is correct, that I will intimate any future changes in the above mentioned
information to the company and the concerned Share Registrar as soon as these occur.
Signature of the Transferee(s)


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