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Supporting Documents for Form IL-1040-X
Do not mail this page with your Form IL-1040-X.
(including net operating loss (NOL) deductions)
Federal Changes
If you fi le Form IL-1040-X because you fi led a U.S. Form 1040X that resulted in
an overpayment or because you are claiming an NOL carryback deduction, you must wait to fi le this form until you
receive a federal fi nalization notice from the IRS stating that they have accepted your change either by paying a refund
or by fi nal assessment, agreement, or judgment. Write the date the IRS notifi ed you (not the date you fi led your
U.S. Form 1040X) in the appropriate space in Step 1, Line E, and attach proof of federal fi nalization as listed below.
a balance due, you must attach a copy of your U.S. Form 1040X as proof of federal fi nalization. Write the date you fi led
your U.S. Form 1040X and paid the tax due in the appropriate space in Step 1, Line E. Failure to provide this date could
result in an assessment of a late-payment penalty.
Proof of federal fi nalization for U.S. 1040X overpayments and NOL carryback deductions includes a copy of the
notifi cation you received from the IRS that they accepted your changes; e.g., a refund check, "Statement of Account,"
agreement, or judgment, and
a copy of your U.S. Form 1040X, if fi led, or
a copy of your U.S. Form 1045, Application for Tentative Refund, including all pages of Schedules A and B, along with a
copy of your refund check, if you fi led your federal amended return due to a NOL.
Proof of federal fi nalization for U.S. 1040X underpayments is a copy of your U.S. Form 1040X.
If you do not have proof of federal fi nalization, contact the IRS at 1 800 829-0922 to request a record of your account.
Line Changes
Attach the proper supporting documents, listed below, to your return.
If you changed any of the lines identifi ed below and do not attach the required supporting documents to your return,
we may partially or totally deny your claim.
If you corrected:
Line 1
U.S. Form 1040, 1040X, or 1045 (with any Schedules A
and B) if a NOL.
Federal adjusted gross income
Note: If your NOL may be carried to any later taxable year,
you must complete and attach U.S. 1045 Schedule B, even
if you did not fi le a U.S. 1045 for this year.
U.S. Form 1040 Schedules C, E, and F, if fi led, for loss
Schedule K-1-P or K-1-T, or any other notifi cation that was
furnished to you for partnership, S corporation, estate, and
trust income
Proof of federal fi nalization
Line 3
Schedule M with amended fi gures and any other required
support listed on Schedule M
Other additions
Line 5
U.S. Form 1040 or 1040A, Page 1
Federally taxed Social Security
Form W-2, if applicable
and federally taxed retirement plan income
Form 1099-R, RRB-1099, or SSA-1099, if applicable
Line 6
U.S. Form 1040, Page 1
Illinois Income Tax overpayment included in
U.S. 1040, Line 10
Continued on the next page
IL-1040-X (R-12/10)
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