Acceptance Of Offer Of Conditions Of Agreement For The Provision Of Drainage


Form - B1
Offer Acceptance Form
Land Development -
Acceptance of Offer of Conditions of
Agreement for the provision of Drainage
To Melbourne Water:
Job description:
Consultant Ref. No.:
Melbourne Water Ref.:
Owner's acceptance
NOTE: Items marked * below are not applicable to acceptance of a Non-Works Offer
As the Owner/s of the land referred to in the Offer of Conditions from Melbourne Water dated
______/______/______ , Reference No. ____________________________ , I/we:
• accept the conditions under which drainage Works will be constructed to service that land
• *authorise __________________________________________ [Consultant's name] of
_____________________________________________________ to act on my/our behalf in all
matters to do with the planning, design, construction and ‘As-Constructed’ survey of the Works
• *agree to accept advice from the Consultant about quality and installation of the Works
• *request any reimbursement by Melbourne Water under the terms of the Agreement, to be made
• *agree to pay any costs incurred by Melbourne Water if the Works are not completed by me/us or
my/our representative/s in accordance with the Agreement
• *agree to pay to Melbourne Water any intensive audit fee in accordance with the Standard
Conditions for Provision of Drainage Works by Agreement.
enclose herewith:
(Please refer to next page for payment options..).
the Drainage Scheme Contribution/s of $_______________
set out in
(total amount)
the Offer
(Tick if paying now, or delete if payment of Contribution is being deferred)
the ____________________________________________________________
fees set out in the Offer
(Tick and insert details, or delete, as appropriate)
Standard Forms
January 2008
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