Accepting An Offer/declining An Offer Letter


Accepting an Offer/Declining an Offer Letter
After you have made your decision please notify the employer by telephone and follow up with an
acceptance or a decline letter. Please keep in mind that when you accept an offer, you have a
professional obligation to join that employer. Reneging on an offer (i.e., accepting an offer,
changing your mind and then rejecting it) is both unacceptable and unprofessional; doing so damages your
professional reputation, the reputation of VCU alumni employed by that organization and, of course, the
reputation of Virginia Commonwealth University.
Sample Letter to Accept an Offer
(This conversation may also occur verbally over the phone)
XXX Any Road
City, State Zip Code
555- 555 - XXXX
March 22, 20XX
Mr./Ms. Name of Person to Whom You are Writing
Job Title
Organization Name
Street Address
City, State Zip Code
Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name [Write the full name if you are unsure about gender]:
Thank you for the time you have invested considering me for the position of (Title of the Position). It is
with great pleasure that I accept the position of (Title of the Position). I am confident that I will make a
valuable contribution to the (Organization Name) team.
I am very pleased to accept your offer for the salary of (salary amount). As we discussed on (date of
discussion), I will complete the new employee orientation and/or packet you mentioned prior to the
start date.
I will be relocating to (City and State) City on (date) and will be begin work on (date), as we dis-
cussed. I will contact you with my new address and telephone number.
Please let me know if there is any other information you need or other details. Thank you again for
offering me this opportunity. I eagerly look forward to becoming part of the your team.
(Sign Your Name)
First Name Last Name


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