Cycle Diary Chart


Step 1
Staying calm and keeping a positive outlook about getting pregnant is important. Most of your stress will come from not
knowing what’s going on and living in the dark. This chart will open your eyes to your fertility and will give you peace of mind
knowing that you’re doing everything right. Stay on the chart. Simply fold it and put it your pocket. It will bring you comfort.
Step 2
Write which cycle this is, if this is your first cycle put 1 next to cycle #. Add the rest of the information.
Don’t forget to put your name, phone number and email so we can contact you.
Step 3
Here you’re going to put in your results so Dr. Zavos or your OBGYN can easily see what’s going on in your cycle.
a) Enter how many days you counted from the first day of your period to the next time you got your period.
b) Enter which cycle day you ovulated on. You confirmed ovulation because Ovatel was Ferning a lot, the ovulation urine stick came out positive,
and the day after ovulation your body temp shot up.
c) How to count your Luteal phase: The day after ovulation till the day or your next period is your luthia phase.
d) Write up anything that seems unusual to you this month.
Ex: My period was just 2 days this month, my body temp didn’t change, I didn’t see any Ferning, I was so moody this month.
Step 4
a) Temping covers two important aspects of your health, one is it confirms that you ovulated and the other
is that it is an accurate method of diagnosing a metabolic disorder such as thyroid or adrenal problem. View book for more info on this.
b) Directions: Write you’re temp in each box. Ex: Today my temp was 98.66 write (.66) in the 98 degree row.
Step 5
a) Write the flow (heavy, medium, light, spotting) this is very mportant for
the doctor and you. If you don’t flow correctly you could have a hormone
Start charting on the first day of your period.
problem. If you spot during your cycle write that down too. It’s important
In the row “Period” enter the flow by following
the Period Legend below.
because it could mean you have endometriosis or another medical condition.
b) Pain is also very important. If you take 2 motrin every 4 hours and are
It’s very important that you chart your flow and
still in pain, that’s not normal. Write it down.
if you spot or bleed during the month, write it down.
Step 6
a) When you start to see Ferning wait one or two days then use the
Ovatel, use it every day starting the last day of your period.
ovulation strips to confirm ovulation. The ovulation strip will only tell you
As soon as you start to see Ferning / crystals then that means
about 24 to 36 hours before ovulation. So if it doesn’t show positive do it
you’ve entered your fertile period.
again the next day and so on. Once it turns positive write it down.
Start having sex once a day during the entire fertile period.
Make sure to write down as soon as you see Ferning.
Step 7
a) PH strips. If you’re using the PH strips write your results here.
Start having sex everyday during your fertile period
b) Make sure you write if you’re using the lube.
(which is approximately 5 days before your day of ovulation).
c) Write down how long you laid down for in minutes
So get busy every day!
Step 8
Keep a journal of the stuff you’re doing to improve health and fertility.
Step 9
This is a good area to keep track of the tests you’re doing and keep a record of the results.
Your Period
Pain (any time during the month)
Test Results
S = spotting
1 = Light cramps (no medication)
F: Ferning /Crystals
- Negative result
L = Light flow
2 = Medium cramps (2 Motrin all day)
+ Positive result
3 = Bad cramps (2 Motrin every 4 hours and no pain)
M = Medium flow
H = Heavy flow
4 = Sever cramps (2 Motrin every 4 hours still having pain).


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