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OAs’ Responsibilities:
Obtain accurate income information
Verify resident income
Ensure residents receive the exclusions and
deductions to which they are entitled
Accurately calculate Tenant Rent
Provide tenants a copy of lease agreement and
Project-Based Section 8
income and rent determinations Recalculate rent
when changes in family composition are reported
Recalculate rent when resident income decreases
Recalculate rent when resident income increases by
$200 or more per month
Recalculate rent every 90 days when resident claims
minimum rent hardship exemption
Provide information on OA policies upon request
Office of Housing
Notify residents of any changes in requirements or
practices for reporting income or determining rent
September 2010
Residents’ Responsibilities:
Provide accurate family composition information
This Fact Sheet is a general guide to inform the
Report all income
Owner/Management Agents (OA) and HUD-
Keep copies of papers, forms, and receipts which
assisted residents of the responsibilities and rights
document income and expenses
regarding income disclosure and verification.
Report changes in family composition and income
occurring between annual recertifications
Sign consent forms for income verification
Follow lease requirements and house rules
Income Determinations
Why Determining Income and Rent
Correctly is Important
A family’s anticipated gross income determines not only
eligibility for assistance, but also determines the rent a
Department of Housing and Urban Development studies
family will pay and the subsidy required. The
show that many resident families pay incorrect rent.
anticipated income, subject to exclusions and deductions
The main causes of this problem are:
the family will receive during the next twelve (12)
months, is used to determine the family’s rent.
Under-reporting of income by resident families, and
OAs not granting exclusions and deductions to
What is Annual Income?
which resident families are entitled.
Gross Income – Income Exclusions = Annual Income
OAs and residents all have a responsibility in ensuring
that the correct rent is paid.
What is Adjusted Income?
Annual Income – Deductions = Adjusted Income
Determining Tenant Rent


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