Casualty Assistance Calls Officer Benefits Visit Checklist


Casualty Assistance Calls Officer
Benefits Visit Checklist
Service Khaki or Navy Service Uniform for E-6
 Benefits Brief
o Upon receipt of the benefits package (to be sent to the CACO within 10 days of receipt of the PCR),
call the regional CAC office to arrange to attend a brief on assisting the PNOK in completing
applications for benefits.
o Download applicable forms as indicated in the benefits package checklist provided by Navy
Casualty (PERS-13) prior to attending the brief.
o Make an appointment with the PNOK for the benefits visit. Date/ Time:_______________________
 Privacy Act Authorization
o Have the PNOK sign the Privacy Act Authorization, if not already done, and attach a copy to all
benefit claim forms.
 DD-1300
o Make copies of the DD-1300 as needed.
o Attach a copy of the DD-1300 to all benefit claim forms.
 Housing
o Advise the family on housing options.
o Family choice:____________________________________________________________________
 Investigations
o Provide family with the status of any investigations, and assist with completing the FOIA request, if
not done on a previous visit.
 Inventory of Personal Effects
o When the command Inventory Control Board completes the inventory and a DD 1300 with a Line of
Accounting is received, contact the Personal Property Office to arrange for delivery.
o Monitor status of personal effects and address inquiries to member’s command. (Should be
inventoried and shipped within 14 days.)
Contact Naval Legal Services Office for guidance as needed (e.g., appointment for family for
Legal Issues:
probate or guardianship issues).
Appointment Date/Time:__________________________________________________________
Casualty Assistance Calls Officer Checklists (June 2013)   
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