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Child Support Enforcement
PO Box 7190
Bismarck, ND 58507-7190
SFN 152 (06-2003)
FAX: (701) 328-6575
SUBJECT: Request for Payment Record
Custodial Parent Name: (Please Print)
Noncustodial Parent Name: (Please Print)
Please send me a copy of my Full Ledger. I am asking that the ledger cover the following time period:
Start Date:
End Date:
To help correctly identify my records, my Social Security Number is:
My name and address are as follows:
Print Name:
Print Mailing Address:
Zip Code:
Forward this cover letter and the attached payment record to:
You are required to provide proof of any child support you receive. You can get this proof from one of three places:
1. The stub attached to a child support check shows the source and amount of a payment. A copy of the stub can be
used for verification.
2. The customer service unit of the Child Support Enforcement State Disbursement Unit can send you a copy of a ledger
that can be used for verification. There are several different types of payments records, but only one kind can be used
for verification. It is called the Full Ledger. You can get a copy of this Full Ledger by calling or writing them.
The number to call is 1-800-231-4255. You need to tell them the date range of the verification you need, for
example, May 1 through May 31. When you receive the copy of your Full Ledger, sign and date it anywhere
at the bottom of the ledger and send it to your eligibility worker.
To make it easy to request the Full Ledger in writing and to make sure you receive a ledger that can be used
for verification, a form letter has been developed. All you need to do is fill in the blanks. A copy of the form letter
is attached.
3. The Child Support Enforcement website has a link where you can print your payment history. The link is called
"Disbursement History." You can use the printed copy for verification.
The website address is You will need an authorization code. If you don't already
have one, follow the instructions on the site under the link "Case Specific Information." This will take up to 20 days
so if you don't already have an authorization code, use one of the other methods for verification this time. Once
you have an authorization code, you can simply print the Disbursement History screen and sign and date anywhere
at the bottom of the printed copy for verification.


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