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Letter of Intent to Lease
This Letter of Intent to Lease is completely NON-BINDING as between Tenant(s) and Landlord(s) until a formal Lease
Agreement between them has been executed. The basic terms and conditions for the purposed Lease Agreement are:
Commencement Date: ______________________________ Term of Lease:
Security Deposit:
$__________________ (1.5 x 1months rent) is the maximum allowed by the State of Michigan.
Monthly Rent:
$__________________ Includes ___Water
___Other _________
Additional Occupants: ____________________________________________________________________________
Additional Conditions: ____________________________________________________________________________
Deposit: Tenant has given National Realty Centers a deposit in the amount of $________________________, which will
be held in escrow and applied towards the Tenant’s rental obligation upon signing a formal Lease Agreement. If Landlord
and Tenant do NOT execute a formal Lease Agreement within the next 30 calendar days, then the deposit shall be
refunded to Tenant in full.
Lead-Based Paint: Tenant acknowledges that prior to signing this Letter of Intent to Lease, Tenant has received and
reviewed a copy of the Lead-Based Paint Landlord’s Disclosure Form completed by the Landlord on ________________,
the terms of which are incorporated herein by reference.
Agency: Landlord acknowledges notice that ________________________________ (Agent of National Realty Centers)
and National Realty Centers are acting solely on behalf of the Tenant unless otherwise stated in writing.
Landlord and/or Landlord’s Broker agree(s) to pay National Realty Centers a commission of
$_________________ or _______ % of the scheduled gross lease value upon execution of a formal Lease Agreement.
In the event Tenant shall purchase the Property from the Landlord during the terms of said Lease Agreement or holdover
period, Landlord and/or Landlord’s Broker agrees to pay National Realty Centers a commission of _____% of the
purchase price upon consummation of the sale.
Lease Agreement: This Letter of Intent to Lease as between Landlord and Tenant is contingent upon approval of a
formal Lease Agreement by Tenant and Landlord, which shall encompass the terms and conditions herein. Landlord,
Landlord’s broker or agent and tenant are otherwise bound to their promises to National Realty Centers as stated herein
as shown by the signatures below.
Tenant / Date
Tenant / Date
Agent / Date
Landlord / Date
Landlord / Date
Agent / Date
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