St. Valentine Scattergories Activity Sheet


St. Valentine Scattergories
The objective is to come up with a noun in response to the category listed, that begins with the
letter assigned to each round. You have 2 minutes to complete each round. A point is assigned
for your answer only if it is unique to the round, that is, that you are the only person with that
answer. The group gets to vote if your answer applies.
1. Something you might see inside
the church during lent:
2. Something you might wear on
V a l e n t i n e ’ s D a y :
3. A gift to express love:
4 . A “ T e r m o f E n d e a r me n t ” :
(honey, sugar, sweety)
5. A symbol you might use for
Valentine’ s D a y :
(heart, cupid, arrow)
6. A phrase you might find on a candy heart:
7. An act/expression of Love:
(eye contact, smile, etc)
8. A movie or mo v i e s t a r y o u “ L o v e ” :
9. Something you might give up for lent:
10. A compliment:


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