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Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
This SOP template is designed to assist you to create a simple procedure for the safe operation of
a particular machine or type of equipment. It should be completed with reference to manufacturers
instructions (if available). This SOP must be displayed with the machine/equipment.
Machine Name (make & model):
Equipment Location:
Angle Grinder Hitachi 100mm: G 13SR3
Workshop No.1
Reference Documents (eg. Guidelines, ACOP etc):
Fixed and hand held grinders - WorkSafe NZ Fact Sheet
DO NOT use this equipment unless you have been fully trained & deemed
competent by your supervisor. All workers are to sign this SOP before any work
can be started.
Note: Hazards & controls for this machine/equipment are listed in our Hazard Register.
1. Pre Start: (What must be carried out or be in place before work starts using this
PPE required:
Hearing Protection: Ear plugs or Ear muffs minimum of class 2.
Eye Protection: Safety goggles or Face shield. Must not be tinted when working indoors or in low light.
Clothing: Wear natural fibers only, no loose clothing to be worn eg. hoodies, scarves etc as these can get caught in the disc
during operation. All long hair to be tied back out of the way.
Jewelery: No loose/hanging jewelery to be worn eg. necklaces/chains.
Hand Protection: Ensure the correct gloves are worn eg. if too loose, they could get caught in the disc.
Training required:
All workers to be given a full induction and must read and sign this SOP before they can operate this grinder. All new
workers must be supervised while using this grinder until they have been deemed competent in its safe use. Operators must be
trained in the selecting, mounting, care and inspection of discs/wheels used on this grinder. All operators are to be made
aware of the different disc/wheel requirements for the different tasks to be done eg. the difference between a cutting disc and
a grinding disc. Pay close attention to the different requirements depending on the metal being cut eg. non-ferrous discs to be
used on copper and aluminum.
Pre-start checks required:
Ensure you have all the required PPE and it is in good working order. Ensure other workers in the area also have the required
PPE available eg. hearing protection etc. Ensure your work area is clean and tidy. Be aware of your surroundings, as sparks
you create may affect other workers in adjacent areas (if required, set up screens). Check that all flammable substances have
been removed from the area and you have fire fighting equipment available at all times. The grinder must have a current Tag
and Test electrical tag and is in good condition (look for any cuts/nicks in the power cord or any exposed wiring). All defects
to be reported to your supervisor immediately and the grinder is to be removed from use until repaired.
Guarding/barriers required:
This grinder is provided with a Movable Guard and a Slide Handle which can be placed in three positions depending on the
operators requirements. Under no circumstances is this grinder to be operated without both of these in place as they are vital
safety equipment and must be used.


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