Shipping Request Form For International Shipments


Shipping Request form
for International shipments
Fedex ___________ Purolator_____________
UPS ____________________
If shipping dangerous goods please use Fedex and contact H&S first
Senders name: ________________________ Speedcode _____________________
If on research grant need PI’s approval _____________________________________
Date: __________________
Overnight (if using Fedex only ship overnight)
Recipient’s name___________________ Phone # __________________________
Address ______________________________________________________________
Address ______________________________________________________________
City____________________ Province____________ Postal code______________
Country _________________________ Other details _________________________
Shipment information:
Total packages: _______ Total weight_________ lbs/kgs
Dimensions: L__________/ W_____________H____________
Does this shipment contain dangerous goods? __________
If Shipping dangerous goods please use Fedex
Payment: sender ______ Recipient________ Third party________ Credit Card_________
If recipient or third party please list account# or credit card# ____________________________
Bill customs charges to sender ___ Receiver ___ (note: this is usually billed to receiver)


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