Graduate Literature Seminar Approval Form

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Graduate Literature Seminar Approval Form
Department of Chemistry
Due to Graduate Committee on May 1
(Fall Seminars) or December 1
(Spring Seminars)
Date Received: ______________________
Approvals: _______ Topic _______ Abstract _______ Abstract needs revision
Student Information
Advisor name
Name: _____________________________ Research Advisor: _________________________
Brief Thesis Research Description: _____________________________________________________
Seminar Information
Proposed Topic: ____________________________________________________________________
Proposed Seminar Dates (assigned on a first come, first served basis)
Semester: _____________________
First Choice: _________ Second Choice: _________ Third Choice: _________
I understand that by signing this form I am committed to presenting my literature seminar on my assigned date/semester. I
am required to enroll in Chem 294 during the semester where I give my literature seminar. If for any unexcused reason the
seminar is cancelled, I will be required to wait one semester before requesting a new seminar date. I will also be required to
re-enroll in Chem 294 in the semester where the new seminar date is assigned. If the seminar is cancelled for an excused
reason (illness, etc.), I will be required to present documentation to this effect to the graduate committee. I will be allowed
to reschedule my seminar in the next semester. I will be required to re-enroll in Chem 294 during the new semester.
Student Signature: _______________________________________ Date: ________________
By signing this form, I approve the seminar topic, abstract and preferred seminar dates. I will serve as a resource to my
student in preparing for their literature seminar.
Faculty Signature: _______________________________________ Date: ________________
Provide a title and abstract (maximum of 500 words, single spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins) of
your proposed literature seminar. Your abstract must introduce your topic, provide background
information on the general subject, outline the research results you will present/analyze and cite
appropriate peer-reviewed literature sources where appropriate. Please provide a minimum of 5 recent
peer-reviewed primary literature reference citations (no review articles) with your abstract. Three of
the five references must be from the past four years.
Revised 10/22/15


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