Traffic Infringement Notice Complaint Letter Template


First Name, Surname
Postcode, State
To whom it may concern,
I am writing this letter to query the traffic infringement fine issued to me for an offence that
occurred on <<XX date>>.
When I received the infringement notice in the mail, I was quite shocked. As your records
would show I have not had a speeding fine for XX years and was therefore stunned that I was
caught driving XX kilometres over the speed limit.
I am definitely not a speeder and having two young children at home constantly reminds me
of the reasons why one should not speed. After reviewing the date on the infringement notice,
I realised why I had been caught speeding. On this date as I was driving home, I was stuck in
front of an aggressive driver who began tailgating me on XX road. The driver was becoming
more and more aggressive and as a result to avoid the aggressive driver, I began to increase
the speed of my car.
Due to the stress caused by this aggressive driver, I initially didn’t realise how fast I was going
so as a result I went over the speed limit. As soon as I realised my speed, I reduced my
speed limit and thankfully the aggressive driver behind me stoped tailgating my car.
Due to my excellent traffic record and the above dramatic circumstance that I was faced with,
I am hoping that the Traffic Infringement Office will grant me leniency regarding this fine.
My infringement details are:
Name: XX
Obligation number: XX
Date of offence: XX
Approx time of infringement: XX
Alleged speed: XX
Penalty due: XX
Kind regards,


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