Tow Vehicle Safety Equipment Inspection Form


State of Arkansas Towing & Recovery Board
Office Use Only
7418 North Hills Boulevard • North Little Rock, Arkansas 72116 • Office 501/682-3801
NO: __________________________
FAX . 501/682-3589 •
Mail • Website
Exp. __________________________
Any Arkansas certified law enforcement officer is authorized to examine the vehicle noted below
and sign the inspection form. A separate form must be used for each tow vehicle.]
Firm ____________________________________________________________
City ____________________________
Vehicle Year ______________ Make _________________________________
Model _________________________
VIN Number ____________________________________ Commercial Tag Number _____________________________
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating : Light 
Medium 
Heavy 
Type : Wrecker Hauler Rollback
9,000-15,000 lbs.
15,001-33,000 lbs.
33,001 + lbs.
Please write Y- Yes or N -No or N/A -Not Applicable for each safety item listed below.
Fire Extinguisher, ABC Type of at least a nine (9) pound capacity. [ Two 4.5 pound extinguishers are acceptable]
Amber Flashing Lights which are visible on a 360⁰ rotation around the tow vehicle. Lights must be visible in bright
daylight for highway and/or right-of-way use when engaged in hooking, unhooking or winching vehicles.
Ability to attach Tail, Turn and Stop Lights to the rear of the towed vehicle for visibility when towing.
Safety Chains or Straps to secure a vehicle to the tow vehicle.
Flares. Reflective Cones or Triangle Safety Signals or other similar safety devices.
Shovel and Broom for tow vehicles used in accident recovery.
Tow Business Name and Phone Number, not less than 2” in size, permanently affixed [paint or decal] on each
side of the tow vehicle and visible from a distance of fifty (50) feet and displayed in a legible manner.
Light and Air Brake Hook-Ups required on equipment capable of towing semi-trucks and/or trailers.
Safety Straps for wheel lift equipment as required by the equipment manufacturer.
Winch(s) on Tow Vehicles used for recovery and/or hoisting and carrying a vehicle during transport shall have a
minimum capacity of (L) 8,000 pounds and minimum cable size of 3/8” in diameter. Winch capacity and cable size
shall increase proportionally with Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings.
Dual Rear Wheels and rated at a minimum of 9,000 GVWR.¹
Trailer, Dolly or Other separately hitched towing device to transport or facilitate the movement of vehicles on
vehicles on public roadways.
Medium Duty Tow Vehicle (excluding rollbacks) equipped with an under-lift device rated at no less than
6,500 pounds at full extension.²
Heavy Duty Tow Vehicle with tandem rear axles equipped with an under-lift device rated at no less than
12,000 pounds at full extension.²
Three (3) Photographs •Commercial license tag. • Entire driver’s side of the tow vehicle. [For verification of tow
vehicle type, take from a distance] • Passenger side of the tow vehicle
INSPECTION Date : ___________________ Time : _________
Location : _________________________________
Inspecting Officer : _________________________________ _______Badge Number : ____________________________
Officer.Signature : __________________________________ Agency __________________________________________
Owner.Signature : ____________________________________________ Date _______________________________
¹ Requirement waived for any truck where the safety permit application was filed 90 days after July 1, 1994.
² Requirement waived for any truck where the safety permit application was filed 90 days after June 27, 2006.
Minimum Requirements: Refer to Rule 7 of Rules & Regulations; ACA §27-50-1201 et seq.


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