Putting Science Into Animal Science Projects


Putting Science into Animal Science Projects
Area: Keeping Production Records
Activity: Growth Charts and Average Daily Gain
Goal: To teach members about the recordkeeping of science information about the animal(s) they raise,
and how that information can be applied to better manage the growth and health of the animal.
Materials Needed:
A copy of the growth records for the example named Rocky for each member
A copy of the blank growth chart for each member
How to do the activity:
This lesson is divided into four sections:
1. What can we measure? Discussion to prepare members to consider the procedures they will be
fulfilling and the types of information they will be learning that can be measured.
2. Charting an Animal’s Growth
3. What is Average Daily Gain?
4. Reaching a Target Weight
What can we measure?
The purpose of this discussion is simply to make members more aware of the many different pieces of
information they can record as they raise animals, and to help them discover how they might use that
Ask the members to think about all the things they will be doing as they raise an animal. Their
responses might include:
Animal selection
Administering medicines if animal
becomes ill
Purchasing feed
Breaking the animal to lead
Cleaning and maintaining the animal’s
living space
Training the animal for showing at fairs
and shows
Providing water
Learning to bathe or groom the animal
Scheduling veterinary visits
Prepared by Bonnie Malone, Extension Educator 4-H, Huron County, Ohio and Vicki Schwartz, Associate State Leader, Ohio 4-H.


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