Science Fair Project Informed Consent Form


Informed Consent Form
This form must be signed by a parent (or guardian) of all subjects under 18 years of age that are used in a
science fair project.
Student Researcher’s Name__________________________________________________________
Title of Project ____________________________________________________________________
Adult Sponsor/Parent _______________________________________ Phone:_________________
Your child has been asked to participate as a subject in a science fair project. The purpose of this form is to notify you of any
possible risks and obtain your permission for him/her to participate. The student researcher will be supervised and any
surveys or questionnaires should be attached to this page. (This project has been reviewed and approved by an Institutional
Review Board. If you have any questions, please contact the Adult Sponsor listed above.)
To be completed by the student researcher:
1. What will you ask the subjects to do?
2. Will your subjects be eating or drinking anything?
No _____ Yes _____
If yes, what will they eat or drink? _____________________________________________________
3. Will your subjects be doing any kind of exercise?
No _____ Yes _____
If yes, what will they do? ____________________________________________________________
4. Will your subjects be answering questions or completing a survey? No _____ Yes _____
If yes, please attach a copy of the questions to this page.
To be completed by the subject prior to the experiment:
 I understand what I will be doing and agree to participate. I also understand that I can stop
participating at any time.
Subject’s Name
Subject’s Signature
For subjects under 18 years old, a parent/guardian must give permission for participation:
 I understand what my child will be doing and am aware of any possible risks.
Subject’s Name
Parent’s Name
Parent’s Signature


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